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Just Released - 68 Point Checklist - Version 3.0

mspradar on Small Biz Thoughts by Karl Palachuk - The truth is, most of the checklist is the same. But we DO need to keep up with the times.This tool has been around for twelve years and has helped thousands of IT professionals get a jump start on doing network assessments and creating monthly maintenance checklists.You can get the 68-Point Checklist V 3.0 FREE at SMB Books. There is a "checkout" process, but you don't need to enter a credit card since the price is zero. Please note: zero-dollar orders have to processed manually, so please be patient. Laura works hard to get orders processed every day.This famous checklist has been used by thousands of IT Professionals to begin their network audits, provide monthly maintenance of client computers, and generally keep client computer tuned up and working great. Originally published in 2005, this checklist has recently been revised to include cloud services and a lot more.For notes on how to use the 68-Point Checklist in your sales process, check out the videos on the sales page:'t believe it's famous? Google "68 Point Checklist" and see for yourself. . .It's fun to totally dominate a keyword phrase. Even if it's not something like "genius" or "babe magnet." Oh well.:-)Feed:

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