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iPad`s Future: 10 Reasons Why Apple`s Tablet Won`t Be A Long-Term Success

mspradar on Channel Insider - Apples iPad is the subject of some heated debate in the corporate world. On one hand, its viewed as a product that must be be respected. Its supporters believe that it revolutionizes the marketplace and will allow employees to be far more productive than they have been in previous years without such a tablet. Detractors couldnt disagree more. They see the tablet as an entertainment product designed exclusively for consumers. And although the iPad is being adopted heavily in the corporate world, those detractors believe companies will soon realize that the device doesnt have lasting power for business needs. Deciding which side makes the most compelling argument can be difficult. Right now, the iPad is all the rage in the tech world. Its selling extremely well, and with some help from excited IT managers, its becoming a rapidly adopted tablet. But the device might lack the long-term success that has made Apple so important over the past decade. Not only is Apple typically lost in the enterprise, but it focuses very little of its time there. And with a new, potentially more compelling tablet coming the Cisco Cius the iPads success in the corporate world could be short-lived. Heres why: -  ...

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