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Goodbye Cecilia Galvin

mspradar on Small Biz Thoughts by Karl Palachuk - I don't normally do obits, but I want to stop for a minute and say goodbye to a friend and a wonderful member of the SMB IT community. Cecilia Galvin was the Executive Editor of ChannelPro-SMB. She passed away last night and left a true void to be filled.Here she is showing off her "wedding ring" at a ChannelPro conference.Someone told me once that the people you work with are not your friends. They are co-workers and business associates. But not friends. Well, I disagree with that completely.I love the "gang" at ChannelPro. On countless occasions I've hung out with these folks - Michael, Joel, Rich, Cecilia, Lisa, Matt, and Daisy. Even though they live all over the country, they are very close friends. They are a family when they get together. They even fight, but they truly love each other.It is very sad to lose a member of that family.In any business, you do business with people you know, like, and trust. And particularly in small business, you get to be friends with some of the people you meet. True friends.Cecilia was fun, talented, energetic, and playful. She was also an excellent journalist and brought a real piece of her personality to ChannelPro events. I will miss her and I'm grateful I got to know her.Hug your kids.Live your life today.Goodbye Cecilia. You will be missed!Feed:

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