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3 Tips To Increase Sales For Managed Services Providers

mspradar on MSPU Managed Services Blog -  Each business model has different strategies to increase sales, which in turn improve the bottom line.  Obviously Managed Services Providers work in a very specific market, therefore strategies to increase sales will also be specific to that market. It always makes sense to heed the advice of your peers within the industry when they discuss what strategies work well for them in increasing sales.  By consulting with your peers and paying close attention to what is happening within the industry you are more likely to pick up helpful tips that will improve your sales results.  Here are a few industry tips on how you can boost sales as a Managed Services provider.Keep it personal - In an industry that is focused on technology it is often easy to overlook the importance of building and maintaining strong personal relationships. Because of the fact that most everyone (including the busy business owner) spends more time communicating via email or in other less personal ways, the importance of face-to-face or even telephone conversations can be overlooked.  If your business transactions are so streamlined that little or no direct contact is needed, there is no opportunity to establish a personal relationship with your client.  When a personal relationship is lacking there are often issues, concerns, questions or other problems that end up being unresolved, which can lead to your client seeking another provider who will address their needs on a more personal level.  Conversely, once a good personal relationship has been established, the lines of communication are open and both parties can build a close strategic partnership, leading to improved client satisfaction, retention and increased opportunity for the provider.  Stay atop current trends - Whether or not you are personally on board with the cloud, there is no doubt it provides an opportunity which cannot be ignored.  While some Managed Services Providers are on the fence regarding cloud computing, almost all have either acknowledged or in some way or another adjusted their business strategies to include cloud computing.  By staying atop current trends you can provide your clients with the most up to date technology while still providing for their basic and advanced business needs.  Being in a technical industry requires MSPs to incorporate current trends relating to technology or risk falling behind the pack.Simplify Agreements - There is no doubt that many small business owners who would benefit from Managed Services are not currently using these  providers due to the fact that they don't fully understand the deliverable or its service delivery process.  To make it easier to bring new clients on board, review your current Agreement to determine if there is any way to simplify its terms and conditions.  You might have to modify its language to appeal to individuals who are not technically savvy, or allow a more flexible Agreement for clients that are on the fence regarding their need for Managed Services.  You don't want to limit your client base by having an Agreement that is intimidating or not easily understood by a broad range of individuals.

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