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GUEST BLOG: Transforming Your Sales Model

mspradar on Kaseya Blog - IT Automation - How MSPs Can Build a Formidable and Scalable Sales Engine Conducted By Michael Cummings of The Taylor Business Group (Leader of TBG’s Sales Transformation Practice and Executive Recruiter of Sales Talent and Services Leaders) Most MSPs struggle with building a scalable sales model. It is not uncommon for MSPs to grow their business rapidly through […]

Ending Storage Confusion: What do Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Really Mean?

mspradar on Kaseya Blog - IT Automation - The world of backup has come a long way since the days we relied upon fragile and error-prone tape subsystems. Today, we have better options for our first-tier backups – high-speed disks and solid-state disks spring quickly to mind.  Cloud is increasingly used as a first-tier backup solution. Larger operations need more than one tier […]

Review: HP MicroServer Gen8

mspradar on Small Biz Thoughts by Karl Palachuk - Round about 2008 my company put together a package we call the Cloud Five Pack. Basically, it's a bundle of up to five licenses for a series services that we believe provide "All the technology you need in a small business."We sell the bundle along with managed services. It goes over VERY well with 5-, 10-, and 15-user offices. At the time I think we had five full time technicians and we moved fi