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MSP Pricing Survey Reveals Secrets of High-Growth MSPs — Cloud, Rich Service Portfolios Lead the Way

mspradar on Kaseya Blog - IT Automation - Proper pricing, service selection, and creating bundles and portfolios are the key to MSP success, the recent Kaseya 2017 MSP pricing Survey of over 900 MSPs revealed. Another winning card to play? The cloud, or course! Every year Kaseya conducts an extensive survey of MSPs to see what’s happening with their pricing, what services are […]

How to Approach Clients with New Ideas . . . and the Power of Being Different

mspradar on Small Biz Thoughts by Karl Palachuk - Clients will never ask for "Different" - But being different is the most important thing you can be.I posted two videos recently on the theme of being different.The first one is about How To Approach Clients with New Ideas. After all, clients will never ask for something they have never heard of, they don't understand, and they can't describe. It's your job to take new ideas to your client.B

Building Effective Service Bundles

mspradar on Kaseya Blog - IT Automation - MSP customers have more than one IT need. So why would you sell a client just one service? Since you already have a relationship, it makes sense to broaden it with more services and higher level consulting and advising. The good news is that SMBs prefer bundled services – it’s that whole “one neck to […]

VSA 9.4 Debut Grabs Press Attention

mspradar on Kaseya Blog - IT Automation - Moving from a 9.3 to a 9.4 product release usually isn’t a big deal. Chances are there are some fixes and a small new feature or two. The recently released Kaseya VSA 9.4 is different, and the MSP, channel and IT press all took notice of the big changes. The channel press, which has covered […]